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Masters of Ceremony

  • Kevin Aberg Kultalahti logo Kevin Aberg Kultalahti Co-founder and Technical Community Builder at Svelte Society
  • Brittney Postma logo Brittney Postma Staff Engineer Design Systems at Provi


  • Svelte 5 Alpha Release

    Rich Harris shows us what's new in Svelte 5 and announces the Svelte 5 alpha.

  • Enhance!

    One of the key features of SvelteKit is how much is focused on progressive enhancement. It's easy to build a website that works without Javascript and get's 100 times better with it.

    That said there are limitations, mainly based on the limitation of "The platform". What if you want to use a modal? Or a range slider? Those things require the usage of Javascript and thus if you want to be really keen on progressive enhancement you might find yourself avoiding those patterns in the name of the user-without-javascript experience.

    But there are ways around this and this talk aim to help you navigate around the world of progressive enhancement without sacrificing the experience of the users that do have Javascript.

  • Accessibility tips with Svelte solutions

    Do you find Svelte's a11y warnings get in your way? They're actually part of a greater mission shared by nations around the world to make the digital web universally accessible. In this talk, I will break down some of Svelte's a11y warnings, the user experiences they impact, and how to solve them.

  • Translating The Docs

    Documentation is hard to write. It can also be hard to read, especially when you don't speak english fluently.

    That's why we have translated the Svelte docs and tutorial to french, to help the french-speaking community grow.

    We want to share the process we used to achieve it, so that it can be replicated in other languages.

  • How SvelteKit & GraphQL plays well together

    Let's show you the magic of GraphQL with Houdini.
    "Hocus Pocus keep your focus"


  • The Great Escape - Breaking Out Of React With Svelte and VanillaJS

    In my first major freelance project, I faced challenges integrating the GSAP Draggable plugin with React, leading to technical debt and project cancellation. A few months later, I explored SvelteKit, creating a Trello clone. To my surprise, Svelte effortlessly harmonized with vanilla JS libraries like GSAP. Svelte has opened a lot of doors in my software development journey and pushed me to explore more vanilla JS alternatives.

    In my talk, I would like to compare the challenges and solutions within my React implementation and Svelte implementation, focusing on the mental models of each.

    • Steven Stavrakis logo
      Steven Stavrakis
      Freelance Full-Stack Developer and UX Designer
  • Exploring Svelte DevTools

    An overview of the Svelte Devtools browser extension

  • How does SvelteKit Fare as a SPA Framework?

    When people hear metaframework, the first thing they think of is usually SSR. However, SvelteKit also supports other rendering strategies like CSR and prerender. As the recommended way to build any Svelte app, is it going to offer the best DX for all its use cases? In this talk I'll share my experience and tell you what's good, what's bad, and what's awesome about building SPAs with Sveltekit.

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      Henry Lie
      Frontend Team Lead at HENNGE
  • svelte ecosystem ci

    An introduction and invitation

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      Dominik G
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  • inlang Paraglide-JS for SvelteKit (i18n)

    After 6 months of research and development for SvelteKit, inlang Paraglide-JS for SvelteKit is finally ready.

    Paraglide-JS comes with two main innovations that make Paraglide JS the simplest, most efficient, and typesafe i18n library for SvelteKit.

    1. A compiler (sounds familiar?) emits message functions instead of key-value runtime lookup logic.

    2. The message functions are tree-shakable, leading to auto optimization by the bundler.

  • enhanced:img - handling images in Svelte and Kit

    Ben shows us how to use the newly released <enhanced:img> feature in Svelte and Kit.


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