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Masters of Ceremony

  • Kevin Aberg Kultalahti logo Kevin Aberg Kultalahti Co-founder and Technical Community Builder at Svelte Society
  • Brittney Postma logo Brittney Postma Staff Engineer Design Systems at Provi


  • SvelteSnaps

    Rich Harris builds an Instagram clone, showcasing the different features of SvelteKit.

  • Threlte 6

    Rapidly build interactive 3D apps for the web with Threlte 6. Let’s dive into the incredibly powerful new API design, the brand new Plugin API, a practical workflow for utilizing glTF files and additional enhancements that streamline the development of immersive 3D experiences in Svelte.

  • Svelte, do you hear me?

    This is a short introduction of the talk2svelte library which provides voice recognition and voice synthesis for Svelte, thanks to the Web Speech API.
    It allows to interact with a Svelte site by voice, like navigating or clicking on elements.

  • svelte inspector update

    What's new in the svelte inspector?

    • Dominik G
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  • Superforms!

    I will talk about Superforms, the forms library for SvelteKit that handles validation, error handling, data coercion and so much more, all while staying true to the Svelte+Kit principles.

  • Get your keyboard out of your way with Svelte

    Why prototyping with Svelte is faster. Why Svelte's approach to abstractions and removing boilerplate is a categorically better model for faster iteration and stronger applications.

  • Supercharge your app's animation with View Transitions

    View Transitions is an exciting new browser API that streamlines the process of animating between two page states. While the headline use case is page transitions, it can also be used for all sorts of animation in your app. In this talk, I’ll show how you can use this API to replace Svelte’s animation primitives — and beyond.

  • SvelteKit and i18n - let's finally solve this never ending story

    If we take a look at the SvelteKit issue board, we will see that the two most commented open issues are i18n related. With over 330 comments we can expect that the demand for an official solution is big. You are able to make it work right now, but the experience is far from ideal. You need to deeply know about the i18n library and SvelteKit to not introduce bugs.

    Inlang builds a solution right now, that makes i18n really simple to use. You don't need to know any implementation details, just annotate your code with translation calls. The rest get's handled by a vite plugin.

  • Intelligent Svelte: Unleashing AI with Reactivity

    Learn how to harness the power of Svelte and SvelteKit to create elegant AI driven experiences. Svelte Stores, Streaming endpoints, and Python endpoints (through preprocessors), are magic you can only find in Svelte.

  • Skeleton - a powerful UI toolkit for Svelte + Tailwind

    Skeleton allows you to create adaptive, accessible design systems for your web apps using Tailwind’s flexible utility classes paired with Svelte’s powerful component architecture. Generate customized, responsive, and reactive interfaces for projects of any scope or scale.

  • Svelte at Scale: Lessons Learned from 1 Billion Monthly Renders

    At Stylitics, we ship Javascript Widgets to some of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. In this talk we'll explore why we choose Svelte to build our products, and what we've learned from maintain one of the most visited Svelte apps in the world.

  • Hacking SvelteLab

    Talking about how we started to build SvelteLab for the first Svelte Hack, how we worked, what tools we picked and how it all came together.


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