Skeleton - a powerful UI toolkit for Svelte + Tailwind

Skeleton allows you to create adaptive, accessible design systems for your web apps using Tailwind’s flexible utility classes paired with Svelte’s powerful component architecture. Generate customized, responsive, and reactive interfaces for projects of any scope or scale.


Hey, everyone.
Chris here from Skelton Labs.
We're very honored to be part of today's Svelte Summit.
I wanted to start by giving a quick shout out
to Svelte Society for having us and for everything
they do for the Svelte community.
Today, I'm here to introduce you to Skelton, a UI toolkit
for Svelte and Tailwind.
We focus on accessibility and ease of use
with the hope of making you more productive with building
modern front-end interfaces for your Svelte kit applications.
We've created a short presentation
to showcase what Skeleton is and how we think it can help.
Please enjoy.
- Skeleton features tight integration
between Svelte and Tailwind,
bundling the best of both worlds
to vastly improve your productivity
by building visually appealing and responsive interfaces.
We make heavy use of Svelte actions and components
to create rich and responsive UI.
For styling, we utilize Tailwind's
powerful utility class system to dynamically style your interface.
Skeleton is completely free and open source, which means you can easily contribute and
help grow the project to fit your needs.
We have a vast and growing community of talented individuals available to help as you build
your application.
We provide a number of built-in themes as well as an easy-to-use generator to create
a theme that matches your brand's unique aesthetic.
Skeleton's adaptive theme system allows you to quickly and easily customize the look and
feel of your application in seconds.
Each theme comes with dark mode support out of the box.
Skeleton provides a number of presentation elements which allow you to create common
UI elements, such as buttons, lists, and cards, which can be implemented using native and
semantic HTML elements.
We also provide an extended array of spelt components that provide logic and state.
Each component integrates with the theme system and can be easily customized or extended using
a set of built-in properties.
Skeleton also includes a number of powerful utility features that provide complete solutions
for modals, pop-ups, and more.
Each skeleton component comes equipped with a number of properties purpose-built to adjust
the look and feel, including dedicated options for passing Tailwind classes.
In many cases, you may wish to quickly change the color or style of your skeleton elements
and components. For this we provide a number of variant classes to make this process quick
and painless.
When you're ready to begin, we provide an easy-to-use CLI that allows you to generate
your skeleton project. Run a single command, follow the prompts, and this will install
SvelteKit, Tailwind, and Skeleton for you. This will enable you to start building your
first application in mere seconds. Not quite ready to commit? Try the StackBlitz
link found on our homepage. This will launch a full instance of Skeleton in
your browser. No local installation required. If you wish to save your
progress, connect to GitHub and create a full repo. We also support migrating your
existing SvelteKit application to Skeleton. Just follow the guided
instruction provided in our documentation.
Skeleton is tended by Skeleton Labs, a commercial extension that lives alongside the open source project.
This helps fund Skeleton's infrastructure costs, while also supporting full-time members of the team.
This ensures the project can continue to exist and thrive for many years to come.
The services provided by Skeleton Labs empower your company to hit the ground running.
We also provide technical support for any issues that you encounter along the way.
If you wish to support Skeleton, please consider donating through GitHub sponsors, Ko-fi, or Patreon.
Thank you for watching. If you want to find out more, you can visit us at

Svelte Summit is a conference made possible by Svelte School AB and Svelte Society.