Svelte Summit
Stockholm Sweden



  • Image of Amelia Wattenberger

    Amelia Wattenberger

    Amelia Wattenberger writes code, thinks about data, and creates digital experiences. Currently Staff Research Engineer doing R&D on developer experience on the Github Office of the CTO team.
  • Image of Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    I am a passionate Web Developer who is driven by the desire to explore new technologies, whilst empowering and encouraging others to join the Tech space. I like meeting new people, it broadens my viewpoint on life and how others live and think. I am a long time Svelte practitioner who enjoys working with Svelte and its toolings.
  • Image of Austin Crim

    Austin Crim

    A self-taught web developer from central Iowa. Talk to me about frontend frameworks, COBOL, or guitars.
  • Image of Bert Bengtson

    Bert Bengtson

    I'm Robert Bengston but, everyone calls me Bert. I am a lead developer at Ashley Furniture and reside in the Tampa bay area. I am very passionate about Svelte, and JavaScript in general. Even though my changes were small I am very proud to call myself a contributor on Svelte. When I'm not writing code I am usually playing videogames or hanging out with friends!
  • Image of Brittany Harris

    Brittany Harris

    Brittany is an engineer with the Bloomberg Graphics team who has great appreciation for choropleths and cats (sometimes at the same time).
  • Image of dominik g

    dominik g

    In West Germany born and raised On the computer was where I spent most of my days Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool And coding some program outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to some good Started making codes in my neighborhood I got in one little tool and my code got liked They said 'You're movin' with your plugin and maintain in Bel Svelte'
  • Image of Johannes Holmberg

    Johannes Holmberg

    UX Engineer who loves working at the intersection of design and technology.
  • Image of Josefine Schaefer

    Josefine Schaefer

    Initially from a communications background, Josefine got into frontend development in her late twenties by joining a coding boot camp. After working as a front-end developer for two years, she now combines her curiosity for tech with her experience in marketing and communications and works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. She is a Girl Code ambassador, passionate about all things web accessibility and coding communities.
  • Image of Joshua Nussbaum

    Joshua Nussbaum

    Josh is a dev from ice cold Montreal, Canada. He was previously a dev at Shopify, and is currently the maintainer for Svelte's Stripe integration svelte-stripe. He also rides bikes when it's not cold.
  • Image of Julian Burgess

    Julian Burgess

    Julian is an engineer with Bloomberg Graphics who likes to tinker around with creative coding projects
  • Image of Matt Daniels

    Matt Daniels

    Matt Daniels is a data journalist at The Pudding. He enjoys working on projects in music and pop culture. He will make you a pretty slide deck as well.
  • Image of Michelle McGhee

    Michelle McGhee

    Michelle is a Journalist-Engineer at The Pudding where she makes interactive stories with data. She finds joy in drinking boba, singing harmonies, and automating things that could probably be done manually.
  • Image of Patrick Hultquist

    Patrick Hultquist

    Patrick is a developer at Monogram building and delivering ambitious and high performing digital products.
  • Image of pngwn 🐧

    pngwn 🐧

    Creator of MDSveX. Antarctica is cold; brrrrrr!
  • Image of Puru Vijay

    Puru Vijay

    Puru Vijay is a college student at morning, frontend intern at Stackblitz by day and open sourcourer by night. Trying to keep bundle sizes smaller and web apps faster ⚡️
  • Image of Rajan Singh

    Rajan Singh

    Rajan is a front-end developer and director of engineering at Hyperlab. He's been working in web development for 6 years and in Svelte for 2 years
  • Image of Ran Zucker

    Ran Zucker

    Semantic technologist for 7 years now
  • Image of Ron Au

    Ron Au

    Ron is a preposterous frontend person with a splash of data science thrown in. Occasionally a floating head. In his increasingly fictional 'spare time', he experiments with creative or silly dev projects and multimedia. Ex journo, ex government, currently working at Hugging Face to help democratise machine learning.
  • Image of Shawn (swyx) Wang

    Shawn (swyx) Wang

    swyx has worked on React and serverless JavaScript at Two Sigma, Netlify and AWS, and most recently as Head of Developer Experience at He has started and run communities for hundreds of thousands of developers, like Svelte Society, /r/reactjs, and the React TypeScript Cheatsheet. His nontechnical writing was recently published in the Coding Career Handbook for Junior to Senior developers.
  • Image of Thor Håkon Bredesen

    Thor Håkon Bredesen

    Working as an full stack editorial developer for Norway's largest local news publisher, supporting journalists in more than 100 news sites

Masters of Ceremony


What is this?
Svelte Summit is an event dedicated to Svelte and everything that is happening in the community. This is the first time we're going in-person. Don't miss it! It's going to be an absolute blast!
What is included in the ticket?
  • 2 days filled with talks and sessions from speakers across the world.
  • 2 evenings with parties where you can hang out with other Svelte developers.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on both days (with vegan options)
Is there a schedule?
Yes! You can find it here.
Where is the venue?
The conference will take place at Life City. The address is Solnavägen 3, 113 63 Stockholm. Apple Maps shows the wrong location, beware! You should also be able to find it by putting in "Life City".
I want to sponsor the event!
The easiest way is to fire off an email to and tell us what you have in mind. We have two different levels of sponsorship: Platinum and Gold. We also have a number of other cool packages that you can take a look at. Our sponsor deck is available here.