Svelte Summit
Stockholm Sweden



  • Image of Amelia Wattenberger

    Amelia Wattenberger

    Amelia Wattenberger writes code, thinks about data, and creates digital experiences. Currently Staff Research Engineer doing R&D on developer experience on the Github Office of the CTO team.
  • Image of Jessica Sachs

    Jessica Sachs

    Jess is a Staff Engineer at Cypress where she builds frontend testing tools. She’s been coding for more than 10 years and now works professionally within the Open Source community. She is a Core Team Member of both Cypress and Faker and a contributor to Vue and Vitest. She’s also an educator at Vue Mastery.
  • Image of pngwn 🐧

    pngwn 🐧

    Creator of MDSveX. Antarctica is cold; brrrrrr!
  • More coming soon...

    These are just the first. More speakers announced soon. Want to speak at the event? Send in a proposal πŸ‘†


What is this?
Svelte Summit is an event dedicated to Svelte and everything that is happening in the community. This is the first time we're going in-person. Don't miss it! It's going to be an absolute blast!
What is included in the ticket?
  • 2 days filled with talks and sessions from speakers across the world.
  • 2 evenings with parties where you can hang out with other Svelte developers.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on both days (with vegan options)
How many sessions will there be?
We're aiming to have around 15 sessions spread out over two days.
Will it be recorded?
Absolutely! You'll find it on the Svelte Society YouTube channel once the event has been finished.
Can you remind me when the date gets closer?
Yes, enter your email here.
I'd like to do a talk, how can I submit one?
You can submit one here.
Do you have a code of conduct?
We sure do. And we expect everyone to abide by it. You can read it here: Code of Conduct.
I want to sponsor the event!
The easiest way is to fire off an email to and tell us what you have in mind. We have two different levels of sponsorship: Platinum and Gold. We also have a number of other cool packages that you can take a look at. Our sponsor deck is available here.